Sikring af mennesker og værdier siden 1963

About Howeni Eurosafe

Our overall mission is securing people and values. Our ambition is to be the most respected, preferred and most serious competence partner for our customers, partners and suppliers.

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Family Owned
Howeni Eurosafe A/S is family owned and owner led since 1986.
The cooperation with all our customers is characterized by personal relationships, trust and confidence. Basically, you need to know that you can trust us. Now and in the future – as well personally and as a company.

Product areas
We have structured the company in few focus areas to ensure the best products and solutions. It is our ambition to be the market leader in all of these product areas. 

We cooperate, of course, with the industry in order to develop and deliver complete solutions.

Howeni Eurosafe A/S was established in 1963 and therefore has over 50 years of experience with security and safety.

We have well over 20,000 customers and have delivered over 100,000 products and many are still operating. Each of our key employees has over 10 years of experience with security and prevention and the average seniority is 13 years.

Howeni Eurosafe A/S primarily supply directly to end-users. 

Our customers have a professional attitude to security and risk management. Often the customers’ insurance companies, insurance brokers as well as advisers and architects refer customers to us. Together we uncover your risks and from a risk assessment recommend you the best security solution.

We also offer concepts and special agreements with trade associations, retail chains, insurance companies, purchasing groups and others.

Our ambition is always to be competitive from a Fair Price philosophy - we will always supply the right solution for you, and the price must be fair to all parties. We will all make sure that we do our best to ensure your extraordinary satisfaction.

Why us
When we ask our customers why they choose Howeni Eurosafe A/S as partner and supplier, we are proud of the answers: Professionalism, credibility and recommendations.

Core Competences 
We distribute, manufacture and develop security products and solutions.
Some of our products and solutions are developed in cooperation with our customers. Others are developed based on our market experience through more than 50 years. In addition all products are branded Howeni Eurosafe and we have full overview of all products supplied.

We are constantly focusing on professionalism, quality and project management.

Most of our products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories. Howeni Eurosafe A/S was the first in the industry in Denmark, being DS / EN ISO 9001 certified for “Project planning and design, installation, service and maintenance of mechanical security".
This quality focus with our customer-driven culture means that we deliver an extremely good customer service.

We have hotline support weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00.
If we cannot solve the problem by phone then we have technicians, who aim to serve you across the country. Outside normal business hours, you can contact our hotline on the same main number.


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